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December 11, 2019

Getting Ready Locations | Oklahoma City Area | Oklahoma Wedding Photographer

Oklahoma City/Edmond

Some of the wedding venues in OKC and Edmond don’t have great spots for large groups to get ready or they may just have one room for the bride to use. Whatever the case, here are some of my favorite spots to check out if you’re needing a separate getting ready space. My favorite getting ready place is 21C Museum Hotel, because you, your groom, and all your friends can stay here. This makes going back and forth between bride and groom super easy during getting ready photos. If you book airbnbs for your wedding party, try to get two in the same neighborhood to save time going back and forth during photos.

(pictured first) 21C Museum Hotel

(pictured- boho in-home shoot) The House on 5th Street

Small 1 Bedroom airbnb

Tiny House Airbnb


Some of the best options I’ve found for getting ready locations in Norman have been airbnbs. The pro to having an airbnb is getting to have everyone you want staying with you, your hair and makeup team can come to you, and you don’t have to worry about everyone having to go too far after the wedding. Here are some links to my favorite airbnbs in Norman.

Bright White + Colorful Airbnb

(Last 3 photos) The Picket Fence Cottage (This one is owned by my in-laws so of course, it is my favorite!!)

(Not pictured) Campus Home

(Not pictured) The Alley House